Cigarette Dreams

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Not too long ago I was making my way to the airport when the driver in the car in front of me threw out a cigarette from his window. I remember my thoughts going something like this: OMG, who would do that? Haven’t they heard that cigarette butts can fly into a car behind them. Wow, I wonder if there is a way to report this kind a thing? Maybe I should take down his driver’s license! As my thoughts continued in this manner, a little voice popped into my head. Aren’t I supposed to be into forgiveness? Is this one of those things I am supposed to instantly forgive? Isn’t this part of the delusion that makes me judge and forget innocence? As my thoughts moved on in this new direction the song changed on my station. I glanced down at the title and saw that it was called, “Cigarette Daydreams”.

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