Not a Tall Tale Golf Story

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Recently I was invited to play in a golf scramble. A scramble is a fun way of playing where the entire group uses the placement of the best ball played to hit the next shot. It was a customer appreciation event and shouldn’t have been anything to stress about, but still, it would be mostly business men who can be a little intimidating and I was somewhat anxious.

In the past, I was lucky if I contributed about 2-4 shots for the entire round.  But this time I decided to try something different, to do a pre-programming morning mediation before the day began.  I relaxed and thought about what Jordan Speith’s coach had asked him as a young child what he wanted to achieve, “What are your goals? Make them lofty…..”  Jordan said he wanted to win the Masters!  Well, you know, the rest is history!

With that in mind, I said to myself, “I would like to contribute to 18 shots to the round today”. That’s very lofty for me! I relaxed my mind and began to see myself as the golf ball. I saw myself rolling and tumbling, like a gymnast doing endless somersaults, rolling and becoming exceedingly happy to find and roll right into the center of the cup. I could hear how the ball sounded clunking into the cup over and over in all different pin settings. It was so fun “being the ball”. I would seek the cup while in the air, get close to it and roll into laughter and spring open once in the cup. Then in my mind, I saw me, my club, my ball and the sun shining saying, “We are all one!  I am so happy!! “ During my mediation I held on to the thought for a minute or two, smiled and sent an appreciation thought. Then I opened my eyes and went about my morning, making sure to be at the course in time to warm-up.

The fun started happening on hole number two. The putt was long- 25 feet. We all decided that I would  be the one to “lead the way”. I lined up the putt and clunked it right in the hole!!!  The guys all looked at each other and thought it was a good read, but pretty lucky!  The next three holes, my putts lead the way. I made a par on one hole all by myself with three of my shots being used.  I had a few lucky breaks and more often than usual my pitches were closest to the pin.

Around the ninth hole, when there was a high pressure putt needed, my teammate said,  “I need to channel my inner Carolyn for this putt.” Pretty funny. Incredibly enough he made it in! We continued to play and I placed a tick mark each hole my shots were used, and added them up,  We had a respectable round, with 2 over par and my contribution totaled 18 which produced a HUGE Smile from the inside out!

Miracles in our daily life not only can be fun, but a way to let you know you are on the right track and somehow the universe gives you a little light pat on the head for reassurance.

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