Enlist a Buddy

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Friends are one of the most precious gifts we have. They are there with us good times and bad, to share in our joys and to lend a sympathetic ear. But sometimes, though, that sympathetic ear can slow us in our forgiveness efforts. Many friends, in order to be supportive, won’t offer a contrary opinion. They know we all need to vent. But if you are serious about letting things go, give them the opportunity to help you.

Enlist them as a Forgiveness Buddy! 

  • Tell that special person that you want help seeing things a different way.
  • Be open to their advice.
  • Try your hardest not to be defensive!

They may have an opinion that is very helpful, maybe not. Just let them have a say and weigh it over. If you offer advice, be as kind as you would want that person to be with you. 

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