The “RESET” Button

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Some of us are familiar with a certain “easy” button from a major business supply store. It fits under your hand as a big red button with the word “Easy” on it. Today we’d like you create your own button, but this time a “RESET”  button. Spend a few minutes now or perhaps at bedtime when you are in a relaxed state of mind to mentally create your  button. You could go with the big red button if that is a good fit for you but feel completely free in creating the perfect one. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. It could be a button that looks like the bell you see on counters to get peoples attention. It could be a doorbell, or a wind chime. Choose to touch it with your finger, press your foot on it or even sit on it! Make it any material you want but somewhere on it write the word “RESET”.

This is going to be your “go to” button when you are having a difficult time keeping your mind on a forgiveness path.  Pre-programming the button is helpful so imagine some typical feelings you have that you would like to change such as “Judgement”, “Impatience”, “Anger” and “Resentment”. Imagine yourself feeling those feelings and hitting the “RESET” button. Let out a big breath and Let It Go. Imagine yourself feeling happy and relieved to let go of negative emotions. Practice smiling and feeling grateful for whichever learning lesson is coming your way. You can feel better as fast as you like as you go about your daily life, you just need to “RESET” yourself as quickly as possible. RESET!

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