Let It Go Forgiveness

Teach only love, for that is what you are.


Forgiveness stories in which peoples lives are changed through forgiveness.

Miracle House Sale

I was in a hugely troubled marriage and I wanted to make it work no matter what. I was married a man 17 years my senior.  We both had full-time jobs and had five mature offspring between us but no children together. As the years went on in our marriage the stress kept increasing. Things started to deteriorate rapidly to the...[Continue Reading]

Forgiveness Saved My Son's Life

My husband, our two sons and I had been living in Peru for a couple of years when I met Emilie. It was nice meeting another Swiss woman who had also been living in Peru and had two sons around the same age as ours. We became very good friends and our families did things together almost every weekend; like going on picnics, hiking...[Continue Reading]
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Tips and thoughts for you to use throughout your day.

When you can forgive others and not yourself

Many people have a hard time forgiving others, but for some people, the hardest person to forgive is themself. They seem to hold themselves to a higher standard that does not deserve forgiveness. I have found that some of the nicest and kindest people feel this way. I love these wonderful and kind friends but this kind of thinking equates...[Continue Reading]

The "RESET" Button

Some of us are familiar with a certain “easy” button from a major business supply store. It fits under your hand as a big red button with the word “Easy” on it. Today we’d like you create your own button, but this time a “RESET”  button. Spend a few minutes now or perhaps at bedtime when you are in a...[Continue Reading]

Can a quote change your life?

Can a quote change your life? Everyone seems to love quotes and I am no exception. One day, some years ago, I came across a quote in an unexpected way.  I had bought a crafting magazine looking for ideas to do with my kids. Above a story about paper crafters was a quote from Dag Hammarskjold: "For all that has been...[Continue Reading]
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Miracle Moments

Celebrating the little moments in life that go right!

When your angel is named Angel

Recently I was on the receiving end of some "Angelic" aid. On a recent trip to Mexico I did something foolish. I know I am more book smart than street smart so it wasn't a total surprise when I found myself snorkeling in a shallow reef with sea urchins looming before me. I had some moments of panic as I...[Continue Reading]

Rainy Day Rose

It’s not often that it rains where I live in California and a summer shower is an even rarer occurrence but one June afternoon a few raindrops fell and black clouds still loomed. Because of those clouds my goal of a simple car wash turned into something much more special. My husband had called to tell me that his new/used...[Continue Reading]

Love Connection

Although this story happened over 30 years ago, it has remained fresh as a favorite example how minds are connected.  After my boyfriend and I went away to different colleges our relationship started to become strained. At the beginning of the summer, after we both returned home from our first year of college we had a painful break-up. The summer...[Continue Reading]
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