The TRUST Message

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I meditate a little bit every morning right after I wake up and before I get my coffee. I say basically, good morning, thank you for a great night’s rest and looking forward to a beautiful day, is there anything special I need to hear today? This particular morning, I saw a flash in my mind that was a word in a gold font, that said, “TRUST”.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it but I was thankful for the message. I got up to make my coffee and let my day unfold.

At lunch, I mentioned it to my friend who also thought it was interesting and suggested that I meditate on it a little more. So I did later that afternoon. Upon relaxing, I immediately heard the phrase, “word of the day” and funnily enough at that moment, my body physically released a deep breath followed by a slow inhale. It felt as if I had a huge sigh of relief…….It was an amazing few moments. I shed a few tears too. It was totally involuntary on my part.

About 15 minutes later, I heard, “Bling.” from my phone. A different friend had just played a word with me from the game “Words With Friends” and it was my turn next. I opened the screen and the word she sent me was “TRUST” in gold letters! I actually looked around thinking I couldn’t believe it….I had three letters left to play and they were G..D..O…….GOD! :)


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